Friday, May 9, 2008

The Scheldt [COH]

Map © Planet CoH

- Never ever play this map.

- Do not play this map against humans.

- You can play against bots.

- I hate you Relic for torturing me with this shitty made map and your overpowered artilleries.

In case you've noticed, I am whining about how unfair it is to play Allies. Especially the British because of howitzers. Despite understanding what Sun Tzu said about killing your enemies, I never did like to eliminate my enemies using howitzers and artillery. I do not mind mortars, because it's quite squad support weapon. But artillery in Company of Heroes, are so overpowered, whoever takes British or American, can easily win the game by base raping your opponent.

Face it, just stop playing this game, how many times did you put a smile on your face, staring at the loading screen and plotting your movements, to have your opponents rushing over to the Island in Scheldt, blocking everything and starting to base rape you by howitzers. I don't mind if they're trying to bomb the shit out of my units assaulting the island, but base raping the wounded, I mean, fuck sake, read the Geneva Convention, have you been taught in school that the wounded and POWs are to be let go and no harm should come to them?

To play a fair fight in Company of Heroes is easy, never play against British who would base rape the fuck out of you. I always hated the artillery, it tilts the damn balance of the game. Zergling rush is easy to counter, British rush can be countered if you're experienced, countering Howitzers? Never. You won't be able to do it.

If they deny me resources, that is fine, I can bear with it. If they slaughtered half of my men, sure,I am to be blamed. But to base rape me, killing the remainder of my men, blowing up my structures and so forth, I fucking blame you. It's not like I did baserape you, all I did was innocently playing a fair battle against you, by going man against man, tanks against tanks.

Hence, I said, artillery is never a fair choice of attack. I played against numerous people, people who would go " GL HF" / "Goodluck have fun." labeled all over it and uses artillery to a MINIMUM by lobbing shells at your tanks or men. Hell, tank rushing me, is considered even more honorable than base raping people with artillery.

I played with a bunch of Aussies a while ago who just wants to win by any means, so they just lob me base with countless amount of artillery, my teammates weren't spared from this insidious act. After losing men left and right, I just quit, muttering a comment at whoever is responsible for baseraping me. As my instinct said it, the bastard wasn't satisfied yet, he PM me and tells me I'm a piece of shit, and all the baserape is part of "Object of Annihilation" Seriously, if you are at my end here, you're pulling your hair and screaming out what an asshole this guy is. First off, I lack resources, I lack men,I lack coordination with my teammate, you bastards sits at your end, bolstering up defenses and build even more artillery to kill my HQ. Build. More. Artillery.

I am really condoning the act of base rape or spawn rape or whatever, please, do not be a douche and uses baserape as a means of winning the game, anyone can do that, all you need is barricade yourself from the enemy, bombard them into submission. There is a reason this game is called "Company of Heroes" Valiant men fighting hard to regain territory or stop the advancing army, really, it's not called "Company of Baseraping You To Shizzles." There is no point in playing this game if people just base rape. No point at all.

Go and cry, Howiekids. Nobody likes people baseraping.