Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hippocratic Oath [TF2]

"I swear by Apollo Physician and Asclepios and Hygeia and Panaceia and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill according to my ability and judgment this oath and this covenant-" Hippocratic Oath, Classical Version.

When I was young, my parents always wanted me to be a doctor, a man of healer, wise "Sun" in the field of medicine, to help the wounded, cure the diseased, and lay down the sufferers.

Alas, I'm studying to become a film maker. Enough about that, let's get to what I'm trying to imply here.

In most of the servers I play, everyone avoids medic like it's a black plague. Mind you, it's a very decent and average class to play, next to scout and sniper. What a medic has, you better use it to your full disposal. Icon©http://tf2.digitaljedi.com/

  1. Medicgun - Your main weapon, you are Rasputin.
  2. Syringe Gun - Not all doctors are good, heard of Jack Kevorkian?
  3. Bonesaw - Saw-ee /'Sorry'
I don't want to argue about how ineffective or exceptional a medic is in the frontlines but I want to share my experience with you.

As I was playing Well (CP) in one of the Singaporean server, BLU team, which I was in, was badly owned by the RED, as I look around me, my comrades are wounded and screaming for medic, I hold my Tab key, to my horror, there is no medic, whereas the opposing team has 2 coordinated medics healing the wounded. So I pop up a chat window and asks for volunteers to be medic. None respond, too busy shooting rockets or batting the enemy rather than trying to save your fellow teammates from certain death. With no choice, I became a medic, and I tried very hard to heal whoever's been shot or mangled to bits by rockets and stickies. Unfortunately, I failed to save a few people during my role; do not blame me, my fellow narrow minded beings, for I, a medic serve but 4 roles.

1. Healing
2. Spyhunts
3. Ubering
4. Assaulting

Yes. FOUR grueling roles a medic has to partake in order to save his own existence from pesky spies and charging scouts. And here I am, getting screwed by these so called "pros" for not healing them, of course I died too. And please, for heaven's sake, do NOT run away from the medic, what's the point of healing when you don't come close? Anyways, I'm trying to help buff up needed medics in the servers.

Here's some ethics guideline you can use to help encourage medic players.
  • Be polite to medics, they get low kill counts and high deaths to help you get high kill counts and low deaths. Always say thank you, they'll be happy for helping you.
  • Don't think you've got a second life, a medic can heal and buff you up to a certain point only, YOU ARE STILL VULNERABLE, don't make it a habit to charge mindlessly after healing because it might seem pointless to heal you anyways.
  • Help keep your buddy alive, medics can't kill those spies.
  • When you're paired with a consistent medic who only heals you, helped him gain some points by killing lots of enemies, that'll keep him happy for being a medic.
  • Don't panic when a retreating lonely ubered medic goes for you, uber is like the Elixir of Life, it's limited so make him proud.
  • One medic is inefficient in a team, have at least 2 or 3 to help keep other medics alive for the fight.
  • Do not push a medic to battle when he's not ready, you'll risk both you and your medic's life because he was wounded and you're screaming out "Go!Go!Go!"
  • He's only ready when he is, don't rush out and expecting an uber in a split second, it takes time, be patient.
  • Finally, do not shout out for medic when you're full health or just a tad injured, leave the medics for the really badly banged up folks.
Although I'm expecting lots of medics soon in the servers soon cause of the Goldrush updates and achievement, but do bear in mind, medics are essential, they're the core member of your team and your team will fail because of your selfishness for not being a medic and also your attitudes towards one.

Be a medic, it saves life.

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